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Learn, grow, and change the world of work together.

Why Organizational Health Collective?

What if you could elevate your practice beyond the conventional scope and truly thrive as an Organizational Health expert?

  • Imagine a collaborative nexus where your dedication meets a wealth of collective wisdom, propelling you into the forefront of industry voices.

  • Imagine a world where accelerated growth in expertise isn't just a promise but a daily reality, where the camaraderie of fellow thought leaders transforms into a powerhouse of mutual encouragement, accountability, and shared success.

  • Imagine a realm where Organizational Health is not just a profession – it becomes a transformative force for companies and their people.

  • Imagine embracing the confidence that comes from being backed by trusted referral partners, unparalleled resources, and a community that champions best practices.

Maybe you've said something close to this a time or two...

  • "I wish there was a place to share ideas and resources with other consultants, a place where we weren't competing with one another, but actually trying to help build one another up!"
  • "I wish there was a place to build connections with other organizational health consultants so that I had someone to call and ask to partner with me on larger jobs, or who would call and ask me to partner on their larger jobs."
  • "I wish I had others to reach out to before an engagement and bounce my thoughts off of and to get their feedback and ideas."
  • "I wish I had a group of other consultants who are in the same work I am, that I could share the wins with and they would get it and be as excited as I am, and I could share the struggles with and they would understand and relate with me."
  • "I wish I knew other consultants in organizational health work who could help me with the business side of things like finding leads, marketing, proposals, sales, and all the stuff that is similar, but so different from other businesses." 

Good News...You are not alone...

Those words in some form or another sound far too familiar to all of us in the Organizational Health Collective. We have each walked in your shoes in our own way...

The stories,

Resources needed quickly...

Jack had just recently joined the collective and he had an engagement coming up in 2 days. He posted and asked if anyone had any helpful resources for the work he was doing. 
Can you imagine, you are 2 days out from your engagement and you could still use some helpful resources...what would you do?
Within hours 4 people had replied and provided Jack with 8 resources that could be helpful for his engagement. 

Consultants needed for a big engagement...

Brian and Melanie had a large client that they had been working with for a while. They reached a point where the client wanted to take the organizational health work they had been doing with the executive team to all the top leadership. 
How exciting! This is a consultants dream to be able to work down through the organization and see it grow more and more healthy. 
Only one problem, how does their small consulting team deliver it to 120 people all at once? They needed some other consultants who they knew could deliver, to help them and quick.
They reached out to the Organizational Health Collective and a few weeks later several of our members were there helping them to deliver a fantastic engagement that the CEO was thrilled about.

Some helpful advisors to bounce things off of...

Mark was heading into a conversation with a leader on how to handle bringing in a team member who missed the initial offsite he did with the team. The team bonded and grew in amazing ways during the offsite and this team member was feeling left out and like an outsider. Mark and the leader were set to discuss how to help this team member to catch up and integrate into what was happening with the team.
If you had this scenario, what would you do? How would you determine the best course of action?
The members of the Organizational Health Collective came to Mark's aid, offering various suggestions and proceeding to have healthy debate together about the merits of those ideas and the impact for the team. In the end Mark had a team to work through this need with and the final option was far better than any one person would have come up with.

Sharing the wins with those who get it...

Doug has been working hard in his local networking efforts, but hasn't seen a lot of fruit from them yet. He continues to show up and to do so with the mentality of seeking to help others who are there. One morning during a monthly networking event he is asked by a founder of a startup about what types of things he advises leaders like her to do regarding building healthy culture. 
He shared with her the difficulty many startup leaders face in that they have so many balls to juggle at one time that culture can often get missed or ignored. He explained why that is and how to combat it. She asked follow up questions and they spoke for quite a while. She was very thankful when they parted ways that morning. 
As the morning went on, Doug kept having people come up to him telling him they were told by the woman that they needed to go meet him, that he is so knowledgeable and helpful. In the midst of the grind of networking this was a moment of joy, that by helping this woman, here she was out telling everyone she met at the event about him and his work.
Doug shared that networking win with the others in the Organizational Health Collective and was greeted with the joy and excitement of others who knew both the grind of networking and the joy and seeing someone so excited when you help them and the way that comes back around in them helping you.

Are these your people?

This is a community where we can realize our need for ongoing learning and growth to become the expert Organizational Health Consultants and Practitioners that we so deeply desire to be. 
It is a community where we can build the connections with one another where we know one another well enough to help each other grow, challenge one another, build each other up, partner together on engagements, refer work to back and forth with confidence, and quite honestly walk together in helping to build the Organizational Health Movement, changing the world of work around the globe - one company, one nonprofit at a time. 
Yes, we can do that together, here in this community. That’s our desire and our dream, and we hope it is yours too and you will join with us in making it a reality. What do say?

The Results You'll Get

Our community, resources and events are really special. We believe they will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Organizational Health Collective:

  • Experience accelerated growth in your expertise.
  • Gain others to learn together, be encouraged, challenged, and held accountable by.
  • Obtain referral partners you trust to pass work to and receive work from.
  • Stop attempting to figure out everything on your own and instead learn and live out best practices, and share tools and resources, so that not only can you do excellent engagements, but you will become the go to expert in your area.
  • Approach leaders with a new confidence in the impact your Organizational Health work will have on the company and its employees.
  • Build relationships with a whole new group of potential partners for those large engagements, so you will no longer have to go it alone.

Our Values

We are Organizational Health Nuts! - We really believe Organizational Health is the biggest difference maker for creating better companies and lives (We're ALL-IN!)
We are Naked Practitioners - (No not physically!) in our vulnerability, authenticity and humility with our clients. [See the book "Getting Naked" by Patrick Lencioni]
We are Growth Focused - Wanting to learn and grow ourselves and wanting to help others learn and grow.
We are World-Changers! - We want to see the Organizational Health Movement sweep the globe transforming the world of work—one company at a time!

The Benefits of Community

Organizational Health is all about helping a client build a healthy group of people who work together well and are all on the same page. For us to learn to be experts in this field, we need each other, we need to do it in community. What better place to work out and grow deeper in the principles we teach.
Community also provides us a place for encouragement and strength. We are weakest when we are isolated and alone. Together we are able to help one another see the truth about our strengths and also challenge each other about our growth areas. We need the varied perspectives and input of the group to be better practitioners for our clients.
Community provides a place to share resources. Together we do not each have to recreate the wheel, but can help one another through shared tools. We can also find partners we trust to work alongside for engagements, and trusted colleagues to pass off work to when we need to.

When You Join Today

When you join Organizational Health Collective today for just a $200 a month or a discounted annual price of $2,200 you gain entrance and ongoing membership in this amazing community that gives you access to:
  • Monthly Consultant and Practitioner Training Events & Recordings: Each month we have a large group training event. Past events have included Presentations by Table Group Principal Consultants, Q&A' with Table Group Principal Consultants, Presentations by Marketing Experts, Peer Collaborations around 6 Working Genius Sales, Collaborations around Latest Practices in Organizational Health, and more.
  • Networking and Connectional Events: These events are intended to allow us to get to know one another, and our work better.
  • Workshops: These events are designed around specific training topics where a tool or resource and its use will be reviewed and one or multiple small groups will then work on being further equipped in its use.
  • Collated Conversations Based on OH Topics: Within the community spaces we coordinate our conversations based on topics using hashtags to make them easily searchable, so you can quickly find information related to particular topics.

  • A Daily Feed of Articles on OH Related Topics: The Daily Briefing is another tool in your toolbox, helping you to be the trusted advisor to your clients, and helping you deliver the transformation you desire to the companies and people you serve by having ready access to articles to send their way to encourage them, advise them, and keep your connection to them fresh.

  • Our Mobile App: Yes that's right, you can access the community  and all its resources right from your mobile device by downloading the App. (See Below)

  • A Toolbox of Shared Resources: This is the place we get to share helpful tools, resources, etc. to help one another out. Yes we all have some fun takes on how we do things and tools we've come up with to carry them out. This is the place we get to share those with each other and expand our own toolboxes. (This is not the place to put anything proprietary. So if someone else has IP rights, it can't go here)

  • All Basic Level Training Modules: We already have some and will continue to grow our library of useful Training Modules that you can take as you like. These are asynchronous courses, but don't let that keep you from doing it with a friend or two. 

  • All Basic Level Business Development Trainings: Like the Basic Training Modules we already have some and will continue to grow our library of useful trainings to help you build your business. You can take these at your own pace, as you like. These are asynchronous modules, but again, don't let that keep you from doing it with a friend or two.   

  • Shared Spaces to Connect and Interact with Peers

  • And Much, Much More to Come

Join us at the Organizational Health Collective and become the change agent leaders are seeking – don't just make a difference, be the difference.

Let's Do This Together!